Tempus fugit


It’s 2023 already and it’s time for me to look behind and be grateful for 2022. Honest too.

So, after Die, as planned I was very tired and a bit sad, dancing on a thin line over the burnout ocean beneath. Which failed to swallow me, once again. Till next time.

I did around 50 covers, lots of illustrations for DIE rpg, a very few pages.

I gained new friends, got myself a fancy agent, and went back to travels.

Italy, canada, usa, germany, uk, belgium. And then some.

Going back to conventions was definitely a different experience after covid. In a way it looked a lot more grimm for not so famous artists. Less people into prints too. But on the other hand it was like a giant group therapy. I can’t believe that I hadn’t seen some of my colleagues for 3 years.

And some I will never see again. Like my late comrade Kim JungGi whose death came like a shock on my way to NYCC.
I also am a brand new Homeowner, which, in a country where 60% of the comic books creators earn less than minimal salary, feels like a huge achievement.

And finally, I got assessed for ADHD and got my membership for the neuro-atypical club.

Which surprises no one.

All in all it was a strange year, mostly good, sometimes mentally exhausting,

2023 comes with new projects, new challenges, and hopefully a lot of good surprises.
i hope to meet you on the way because if you read this whole disorganized brick of a text, you must like me.

Please accept as a present some of my favorite covers of this last year



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