This week I am bringing to you my work for issues 61 to 66 to the edition of the Walking Dead Deluxe for which I designed interlocking illustrations. this is always a challenge but I had something on my mind for a while now and was very glad to be given the chance to realize it.

Time is passing. And I go on inserting myself in every part of pop culture that will have me.

It’s such an incredible experience to be able to be a part of something I have considered like a shelter for such a long part of my life.

I grew up in a small place in France, a village lost at the luxembourg border with no cinema or library in direct access. But my late father, he might have grown up in poverty and was driving a truck for a living but the man had taste. He would go to the vhs rental store and come back with the last schwartzeneger movie, or an Alien and everything in between. He used to read marvel comics with me lurching over his shoulder.

He had a hidden, shameful book collection that I discovered when I was 12 or 13 full of the most obnoxious pulp litterature, sci fi, horror. You have to remember that back then reading things like comics or genra litterature was quite laughed at.

Geek was not a word yet, and milion miles away from being a trend.

I discovered my love for Stephen King in the secret book corner of my father, and for comics, and for fantasy in general.

My father was a beautiful, creative soul to whom I owe certainly a lot of what I am today.

He was so distressed when I left college because I didn’t want to be a teacher and then so proud of me for working for Marvel. He just couldn’t believe I was doing this. He and my mother would talk the ear off anyone they met about me. Ad nauseam sometimes. Sorry dad 🙂

He left us in january after a long neurodegenerative disease.

He won’t be able to see me going on bringing my voice to any corner of pop culture that will want me. Break doors or find windows and make a place for myself there.

I wish I could have shown him this one, and the hundreds to come.

Love you dad.

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